No matter where you live in Melbourne we will come anywhere for the right customer. You see, at Renobuild Bathrooms we believe that if you are good at what you do why not share it ! So we will travel anywhere in Melbourne to give you a free quote and design your bathroom or ensuite. We understand that the bathroom or ensuite is a very crucial part of your house and it should be something that synchronises with your lifestyle and home.

This is why we have comprised the best designs and quality materials so that we can deliver exceptional services to you. Our bathroom renovations any where in Melbourne are known to provide the best results within your budget. Our designers will visit the site and understand your requirements. Based upon that, they will suggest a design which will look extremely appealing and fit within your budget whether it be large all small.

Whether you have taste for something simple and elegant our trades will do an exceptional job and cater for all your needs. We can handle a wide variety of plumbing, electrical and carpentry we ensure that the job will complement to the highest possible standards. We will ensure that the newly remodelled bathroom is better in terms of functionality and more energy efficient.

When it comes to bathroom renovations in Melbourne we use only premium quality materials and we will warranty our workmanship for 7 years with a written certificate on completion.

Renovating your bathroom or ensuite can be very easy when you use Renobuild Bathrooms. With our extensive work experience, we are very well aware of how various projects are carried out. Regardless of what you want to do, be it renovating your bathroom entirely or just fixing a few areas- we will travel anywhere for the right customer and we can help you to design the bathroom of your dreams.