Are you licenced?

Yes - Renobuild Bathrooms is a Registered Building Practitioner (Licence No: *********). We’re also a proud member of the main industry association:

  • Housing Industry Association (HIA)

How are you different?

We can’t comment directly on other providers and the service they provide, but we can tell you that Renobuild you will give you a beautiful new renovated area that’s customised precisely to your needs and requirements. If you’re in the market for an extremely cheap renovation (and they do exist) we’re not the best fit for you. Our focus on quality and customisation means our quotes can vary greatly, but you get a space that is just right for you, and will be in as good condition in Year 10 as it is on handover.

We are also passionate about providing customer service that is second to none. We have designers on hand who know how to maximise a space for both form, function and aesthetics.. When comparing quotes, it’s important to remember that s designer might recommend specific items to meet a client’s requirements, while another company will ignore the specifics because they know they can then provide a cheaper quote. Always compare apples with apples.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes. Cabinets, benches, fittings and accessories supplied by Rosemount Kitchens come with a 10-year warranty. Blum hinges and drawer runners are guaranteed for the life of the product, while other accessories are guaranteed for at least one year. For more information on this, scroll down to “Service and After Sales Service”, or contact us to find out full details and any conditions that apply.

The contract signed by you and the designer is the final price. The only time this might change is when you want to make a design change or add something new to the renovation. In those circumstances, a variation to the contract will be written up, agreed and signed off on again.

Will the price change?