Our process is simple yet effective.

When ever someone new has contacted us wanting to start a new renovation project, We have a simple 5 step process we follow to make sure we can be the most use to our clients. 

1. We meet and listen
Our first job is to fully understand what it is your trying to accomplish by renovating. Perhaps its updating the look, or perhaps you need to make better use of the space you have. We do our best to understand your ideas, before we offer suggestions to help improve the original concept and turn it into something greater.We will also schedule a meeting for you with our designer and cabinetmaker who can show you though colours, textures, room design and cabinetry design to make sure you get everything you can out of the space you have. We answer all of the questions that are most important to you, give you as much advice as possible and make sure that you end up with the best option for you and for your family. Before we go any further we also make sure we have given you either an estimate or a quote or how much things are going to cost. Its our job to try to give you the best renovations possible but also stick strictly to your budget.

2. Design
This part is one of our favourites. Its where all of the ideas you had and the suggestions we made come together in one place and come out looking like a fully formed set of plans for us to show you. We show you colours and samples of materials for use in the room and see what you think. If something is a miss or the plan is not quite there yet, we do our best to understand your new ideas, before we offer suggestions to help improve the new concepts and build an even better plan

3.Sign off on the contract and design

We are not a volume builder or renovation company based on high profit sales. Instead we limit the amount of projects we undertake every year to make sure we can finish each project we start with the quality that we promise our clients.  We get excited over new projects that will look gorgeous on our instagram,  But we also understand that people will buy when they are ready to buy,  So there is no hard sell or pushing from us. Sign when you are ready to go ahead. 
Sign off includes important documents, like final plans, Final costs, Insurances etc. 
This part is not negotiable, and all of these documents need to be signed to protect you, to protect us and to make sure we are all on the same page.

4. Scheduling

Once signed off, we start looking at when would be the best time in your personal schedule to have your house renovated, We organise our tradesmen, deadline, materials, etc. So that once we start, we can get you back in to the space as soon as possible

5. Get to work
All of the preparation turns into hard work as the room is stripped, and rebuilt. We take care to look after your home the way you would. We protect your floors with heavy duty floor protector. We make sure to keep the work place safe and as quiet as possible.  








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